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Chartered Accounting Company- Abdulhusain & associates

One of the best and leading CA firms in Dubai - Abdulhusain & Associates is helping different business companies by providing a detailed update about the financial environment in UAE.

The Abdulhusain & Associates has an experience of 36 years in the field of accounting, auditing and financial management and also provide helping hands to the business communities in very well professional manner. The company’s experienced managing team provides dedicated and professional services to support your business needs and increase the profit.

With many different chartered accounting companies, the Abdulhusain & Associates is also serving business companies by providing the best advisory services including management of taxation and accounting. The company is willing to help any company regardless of types and business and help with all the legal and financial services as per the requirements of your businesses. The Abdulhusain & Associates is offering a vast range of services in accounting and can make your business highly-cost effective.

Chartered Accounting Services:

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The Abdulhusain & Associates provide its chartered accounting services that are as follows:

  • Taking survey:

The company will let you take a survey of the products and the value added to the products to keep a record.

  • Management consultancy:

The company will then analyze your current management to advice on the best financial solutions for your business.

  • Bookkeeping:

It is very important to have a record of everyday accounting details to analyze the results at the end of each year.

  • Redistribution of company’s assets:

The Abdulhusain & Associates also help in the distribution of a company’s assets according to the legal requirements.

  • Awards consultancy:

The Abdulhusain & Associates also help in making your company a nominee for the awards by helping you through advising about business excellency.

The company works on these simple steps to help you in chartered accounting services:

  • Visiting:

It all starts with the meeting of the expert teams of financial and accounting to the representatives of your company to understand your business criteria.

  • An audit Plan:


The audit experts of Abdulhusain & Associates will then have a look at your audit plans to have an idea about how the audit plan should conduct.

  • Conducting Field work:

After having an audit plans the fieldwork to review the process and procedures with the staff. The auditor tests the procedure with the policies.

  • Preparing a detailed audit report:

The auditor will provide the company with the detailed report of the mathematical errors, payments and posting problems and also advice solutions for the report’s errors.

  • Final report:

The final report will be provided after the approval of senior management.