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Know the Value of Person in Charge Training in Dubai

Food control department in DubaiFood Control Department of Dubai Municipality has the order to establish the food safety in every business across the United Arab Emirates. The PIC or Person in Charge program is part of this initiative. Internationally recognized bodies are providing these courses which are accredited by DAC. The certification of PIC is provided in every business of food and the availability of one PIC per shift at every location is mandatory. The PIC is actually a person in any food establishment who holds the responsibility for running the facility during the operation on the shift time. That personnel is accountable to Dubai Municipality and their employer or boss to ensure that all the employees working during the shift are fulfilling and complying with the procedures and effective policies for food safety.

Two levels of the person in charge training in Dubai are available.


Designed specifically to enable managers to spot and identify problem causing practices which can affect the quality of food and carry out inspection internally in order to take measures and corrective options. PICs will get the knowledge of

  • Development and implementation of crucial procedures and policies which can inhibit the chances of foodborne illnesses
  • Make sure that employees working under are fully trained before starting work
  • Ensure compliance and monitor activities essential with regulations during the preparation, receiving, storage and display of high-risk food
  • Follow-up the practice of food inspection which is conducted by Dubai Municipality or Food Control Department and make sure that necessary corrective measures are outlined and performed everywhere
  • Daily operations are monitored by in-house inspection periodically to ensure the compliance of regulations

Who Should Attend

Food controlAll the persons who are directly responsible for the operations related to food in various types of establishments, having supervision and control with direct authority over employees who are engaged in the preparation, storage, service and display of food. A PIC certificate is a legal requirement in the case of unannounced inspection. The establishment should have it all the time on the premises so that they can show it on the request of visiting food officers.

Specific tasks:

  • Supervise employee hygiene and monitor proper hand washing
  • Don’t let ill employees work until the deem fit
  • Verify all the processes of cooking, storage and proper cooling of high-risk food items
  • Verify sanitizing and cleaning of utensils and equipment
  • Listen to and follow up all complaints related to food
  • Make sure that unauthorized persons stay out of the stations and kitchen

A hotel, supermarket or a large establishment with multiple departments or separate areas, more than one PIC is required.