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Natural Gas Generator Pros And Cons

Natural gas generatorsNatural gas generators have emerged as a worthy opponent to their diesel counterparts, owing to a number of competitive advantages.

The main difference between these and other types of generators is that they require fuel in the gas form, for which they are usually linked to the gas supply lines.

Even though there are numerous diesel generators companies in UAE – Jubaili Bros, the main attraction is that they are becoming more easily available, and also allow you to rely on the grid supply, rather than your own fuel source.

They come in a number of sizes, making them perfect for use in a variety of places, including industrial sites, homes, and even during natural disasters, when main power lines are affected.

Of course, it is important to rely on expert help and guidance during maintenance and installation, to make sure all the safety precautions related to the handling of gas are put in place.

Simple Access

In most countries, power for natural gas generators comes from underground supply lines that can resist harsh weather conditions. This makes the fuel source readily available as long as the right type of equipment is available.

Storage Simplicity

Since natural gas is available in a non-liquid form, it is easier to store compared to diesel. Diesel is more prone to the growth of fungus, and can spoil if storage conditions are not up to the mark.

Issues To Consider When Buying A Natural Gas Unit

Storage simplicitySince there are a number of factors that make natural gas generators different from other types, you will have to consider several factors, most of which concern supply, safety, and maintenance.


Since natural gas generators are neither as common as diesel ones, nor as solid and durable, you will need to have qualified maintenance personnel at your disposal.

The second aspect is safety. Because of its gaseous form, natural gas is a lot more combustible than diesel as a fuel source, which requires additional precautions for safety.

Then comes the fuel supply. You will need to find out whether you can rely on the natural gas grid and get your fuel from there, or that you will have to buy your own gas using cylinders. If it is the latter case, you will need to make necessary arrangements.

Lastly, you would want to consider as to how often you will be using the generator. If your usage is very high, comparing the cost of buying or using, and having it supplied to your location diesel and natural gas will make the choice easy for you.


Whether it is used in cars, to generate electricity, or in backup power, one of the best things about natural gas is how clean it is. It causes very little harmful gas discharge, which makes it environment friendly.