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All About Bookkeeping, Accounting, And Consulting

The most well-known form of keeping track of all the financial details and transactions in a company is called accounting. But this is not all there is to financial management and monitoring in a business.

There are two more processes involved in enabling a business to keep track of the important financial metrics, watch out for unnecessary expenses, compile reports, and most importantly, do forecasts for the future performance of the business.

These two processes are called bookkeeping and consulting. In the following article about accounting services in saudi arabia by Innovation SA, we give you some key information about these three aspects.


Accounting aabdxbBookkeeping is the simplest form of the management of all the daily financial transactions, and is a common post in most organizations and businesses today.

Accounting companies will also hire full-time bookkeepers, so that they can handle the majority of the bookkeeping tasks for firm clients.

In general, this includes accounts receivables and payable, transactions with the bank, ledger entries, annual taxes, payroll, and trial balances.

In these types of companies, bookkeepers may also make financial statements, which are then reviewed by the concerned, more qualified professionals, and then given to the client.


This is a more commonly known profession in large firms and companies.

At accounting firms, the best accounting services are provided by those who have an internationally recognized qualification like the CPA.

The job includes consulting with clients to make a budget for the organization, reviewing financial statements, and drafting the tax returns.

The best accounting firms will give you a number of top class facilities under the same roof, including auditing, tracking depreciation, and helping with cash flow.

Forensic Accounting

Consulting firms in DubaiSpecialized firms may also offer forensic accounting services, which are hired to track fraud.

Accounting Software

Other companies may focus on making, selling and installing accounting software and services.

These programs can help companies cut the need for several accounting professionals, while keeping only those necessary for running the program, and for tasks the software cannot do.


Apart from routine tasks like tax returns and presenting financial reports and forecasts, accounting companies may also advise clients on their financial matters.

This could include reviewing its financial strategy, helping to cut down on costs and save on taxes, and strengthening the business plan of the company.

Depending on the choice, the firm may specialize in mitigating risks, or manage financial products. They also ensure that the client knows about the relevant legal and policy changes applicable.