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Facial Tissue Paper

Facial tissue

Facial tissue in Dubai - House Kraft Paper is a popular and widely used product owing to its several beneficial characteristics and easy to use nature.

Busy routines and the nature of public spaces in the city means people prefer an item that makes it easier to stay clean and dry throughout the day, and a steady supply of wiping material on your person means never having to rely on tissue boxes in the office or in public bathrooms for your sanitary needs.

Of course, the use and purposes of facial tissues are far more diverse, with the cleaning variety being used for many more purposes than simply cleaning or wiping the face.

The sanitary and absorbent properties make it useful for a number of others times, especially while in public, such as blowing the nose, drying the face after washing it, dabbing food stains and other marks, throwing away chewing gum, and wiping the mouths of toddlers.


All in all, while this variety of tissue is made to be used on the face and gentler than regular tissue, it has may uses, and ensures people can remain dry and clean while on the go or at work.


History facial tissueFacial tissue has in fact been used for more than two centuries, but was first commercially introduced and sold in the United States several decades ago, under the Kleenex brand.

The main purpose of a supposedly gentler, softer, and absorbent tissue product was to remove makeup and cosmetics from the face, which is a purpose some of the more exclusive brands are used for today, owing to their light and soft, yet strong texture.

The item started to cover many other uses soon after, owing to its relatively compact, economical and easy to use profile.

Blowing the nose became one, and although the nature of tissue meant to be used in the toilet and restroom is slightly different today, this was also one of the initial uses for facial tissues.


The varieties soon started to develop further, both, in terms of packaging, appearance, and texture. Colored varieties started to be introduced in tissue boxes and tall packs, and the concept of plies, which represented how strong and absorbent a piece would be, started to come in two and three layers.

Today, this kind of tissue paper is made from lightweight raw materials, with the surface being treated from the best texture.

The double ply makes it capable of better absorption, and facial tissue being sold under brands is often also treated with fragrances or lotion.