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Financing In The Construction Segment

Construction Projects In Kuwait

Like any other business, the construction and building segment is also prone to irregularities, which manifest themselves in either the economic or the legal sense.

A number of examples can be thought of even as someone who has paid for a small construction project.

Fraud And Unforeseen Circumstances

There is the possibility of having handed off advanced or highly technical construction work to a group that does not have the required skills, or to a disreputable organization, that got away with using sub standard raw materials in the building.

Bidding Process

After the design stage, there is usually a bidding process that takes place, for the property owner to be able to find the contractor that is going to deliver the work in the most cost efficient way possible.

This process in construction projects in Kuwait -  BNC Network can either see overpricing, whereby the owner ends up paying far more than market price, or undergo an underbid, in which, in order to secure the contract, an organization offers to finish the job in an amount far lower than what can pay for the core expense.

Cash Flow Issues

Beyond this, there could be times when there is a shortage of cash to be able to pay for the labor and materials.

During the building stage, there are obviously going to be stages where only one major aspect requiring expenditure is taking place, while during other times, several labor and funds intensive processes are going to be taking place simultaneously, putting an undue burden on the cash flow reserves.

Financing In The Construction Segment


Building a plan that tackles all the key potential issues are preempted and prevented, delivering the necessary backup before the project goes underway. This will make sure all major stages of the overall design are executed successfully.

Participants in this process may include, especially in the case where the property being built is a house for private use, mortgage lenders and personal accountants. 

Accuracy Of Estimates

In the largest projects, the numbers are obviously going to get less accurate, as perhaps it is safe to say that the bigger the scale, the less likely it is that the estimates are going to hold accurate or true throughout the building stages.

This could owe itself to a number of reasons, including fluctuation in the price of labor and commodities, which is bound to happen as a large project could take several years to finish, one of the workers or working groups backing out later on, perhaps due to reasons of being undercompensated, and lastly, the availability of the required raw materials and the necessary tradesmen and skills at one’s disposal.