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Discover what Cloud Computing actually means?

Cloud platform Qatar

Cloud platform Qatar has become as one of the most usable computing that allows sharing, accessing and storing data over the internet. It is represented in the flowchart and presentations as a cumulus and puffy cloud over the internet that accepts connections and doling information wherever it floats.

There are many cloud platforms provided by a number of organizations out of which Microsoft Azure is the most used one as it comes under client’s budget and matches their requirement efficiently.

In Microsoft Azure, there exists an integrated cloud services set that is used by IT professionals and developers for managing, deploying and building solutions within Microsoft managed global network and data centers. You have the freedom to build and deploy applications wherever you want with chosen frameworks and tools.

The question that appears here is that Why Microsoft Azure Cloud should be preferred over other available clouds?

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Trusted: Azure Cloud has a number of compliant certifications over other cloud with an expanding infrastructure across the global network. It is able to access a unified security view over the cloud workloads and on-premises. It monitors the machine security and other networks constantly. The cloud services of Azure use hundreds of security assessment that are built in with advanced analytics. It also helps in reducing cyber attacks.
  • Intelligent: Azure Cloud is made intelligent as it is able to develop breakthrough application with integrated intelligence. It can take benefit from a distinctive set of services, tools and infrastructure for developing artificial intelligence powered experiences.
  • Backup AdvantageBackup Advantage: There are several companies that suffer with critical data loss when the primary storage data base is damaged or system failures occur. The cloud backup is developed for protecting and encrypting your backup in the off-site cloud storage while a layer of protection is also being added in case a disaster or data loss affects your severs. The cloud backup works wonders with any data or apps that you have including SQL Server, SharePoint Server, file servers and many others,
  • Disaster Recovery: The Azure Cloud provides number of tools for meeting the requirements in business continuity. It ensures that the workloads are protected constantly. You can also unify protection, security and data management by ensuring that apps work in a great way when they are needed the most. You can also run tests against making copies of production workloads and recovery plans.
  • Other Business Apps: The Azure Cloud can virtualize the line of business apps like CRM and accounting systems by moving them into VMs (Virtual Machines) on an onsite serve. When it get virtualized then these apps are able to move easily towards the hosted VMs residing inside the cloud. This helps in gaining the advantages of a scalable and fully managed infrastructure while managing a proper control over the app.