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Corporate Law

Corporate law is a complex set of rules and regulations, which belong to business management and growth. The corporate law includes the following legal segments:

  • Transaction management related to international and domestic matter, including agglomeration, resorption, cooperative business development, investment by shares and diversification cases;
  • Legal support of reorganization planning and implementation;
  • Legal entities consultation on different aspects of corporate and commercial law;
  • Development of specific legal regulation measures for particular enterprises;
  • Legal secretary services;
  • Legal consultation on contractual relations with local and foreign customers, partners, suppliers and distributers;
  • Consultations on commercial agreements of any type, such as outsourcing, distribution, shipping, production, service delivery, partnership, licensing and remote bargains;
  • Competition law compliance nuances;
  • Goods and services price formation;
  • Consultations related to arguments, claims and judicial proceeding between company share holders;
  • Issues related to court-ordered company determination and responsible executives prosecution;
  • Projection of corporate management and employees’ responsibility aspects;
  • Legal consultation of institutional investors, direct investment funds, underwrites, board of directors, insurance companies and other customers.

Corporate law is our specialization

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