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Legal Transaction

The complex structure of legal transactions and operations requires effective management and comprehensive juridical consultation. Law Pro offers the legal support service of all transaction stages: from commercial offer preparations and negotiations to documentary compilation and acceptance procedures. We also provide consultations on the active values acquisition and realization at auctions, privatization transactions, reorganization procedures and participation in open and selective tenders. The Law Pro solid experience in the field of confluence and merger guarantees exceptional quality of our services.

Legal transactions from Law Pro company in Dubai

The Law Pro offers a wide range of legal services and comprehensive support of business related procedures, such as direct and indirect investment, including offer formulation, proceeding, planning and integrative measures after transaction accomplishment, such as:

  • Independent complex verification of a transaction object;
  • Independent commercial evaluation and inspection services;
  • Negotiation management;
  • Company sharing;
  • Structural company reorganization;
  • Correspondence to antimonopoly policy requirements and other regulatory authorities;
  • Integration planning and implementation.

The Law Pro fundamental components of legal transaction services are based on effective realization of customer plans and their correspondence to corporate law. Our lawyers are also specialized in clarifying the legal aspects of business procedures for corporate clients in order to provide the most satisfactory service.