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Intellectual Property

Law Pro provides a wide range of intellectual property related services, such as:

  • IP management, including audit, protective measures, effective application of intellectual objects and rights protection;
  • Sale and other kinds of IP rights expropriation;
  • Leal support and preparative works of distributive, agential, sponsorship, contractive, logistic, supply, marketing and other commercial agreements and transactions;
  • Fund raising on security of IP objects/ security interest related to IP objects;
  • Independent comprehensive evaluation of IP objects, including verification of existing contracts related to particular IP objects;
  • Antimonopoly risks related to license agreements, cooperative activity and non-competition contracts, including risks belonging to patent issues regulation;
  • Development of IP right protection concepts for local and foreign investors;
  • Development of IP right protection concepts for local companies, operating abroad.

Intellectual property is a modern branch of law

Another IP law sections refer to transactions’ legal support and electronic commerce with an IP objects use:

  • Structural planning of distribution schemes and software licensing, including cloud calculations;
  • Sale and distribution agreements for software and equipment;
  • Corporate business valuation with the help of "Consulting"
  • Service delivery agreements related to software, licensing, franchise, exclusive rights transfer, research and advanced development, projection and creation of IP objects;
  • Delivery of rights protection services for commercially valuable information through legal regulation of commercial confidentiality and protective rights registration;
  • Consultation services on rights protection of websites related to content and technologies.