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Enjoy Dubai Desert with These Activities

Quad BikingDubai Desert is the signature destination of United Arab Emirates. Almost all of the 16 million people who visit Dubai pay necessary visit to the Dubai Desert. The fun activities, entertainment opportunities and mouthwatering eateries make it the most celebrated sand in the world. If you’re planning to visit Dubai and have been listening to people praising their Dubai desert experience, here is a list of things to do Dubai.

Quad Biking

You can rent four-wheeler bikes to explore the dunes and serene sandy landscape of the Arabian Desert in Dubai. There are a number of agencies that offer your training and guide you throughout the tour at affordable prices. You can go with the agencies, your friends and even your family because quad biking is safe if you’re familiar with its functions. If not, those agencies can drive you through the desert and you won’t miss a chance to chill at the back seat and enjoy.


Get your special sandboarding shoes strapped to a skateboard-like board and glide down the dunes in the pursuit of the real adrenaline rush. This is not for people who shy away from taking risks. However, if you don’t know sandboarding already and want to try, you can hire people to train you in a few hours and accompany you in the desert. Sandboarding is one of the most amazing and memorable activity you will ever try anywhere in the world.

Stay overnight

Dine Out

There are a number of restaurants and eateries in the desert you can dine in. Their location doesn’t limit the variety on their venues. You can try traditional Mediterranean food, Chinese, Mexican or any variety you want. Dining out in dunes provides you with a unique experience of being in the desert with the Middle Eastern wind.

Stay Overnight

If you’re looking a way out of the city hustle, you might love to spend the night out there in the desert. There are luxurious hotels and places you can stay overnight without compromising your lifestyle, standards and routine.

Reminders: Don’t forget to check the weather charts and plan your visit in the season which is not very hot for Dubai’s temperature can easily go to the boiling point, in the matter of speaking.